Specialist Electrical Services
for the Transportation Sector
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Installation and Testing

Live Track Testing, Train Depot DC Testing, Inspection, and Maintenance

When you have been searching for a skilled and competent company that can carry out all of your testing, inspection and maintenance on all of your high voltage assets, then look no further than D Massey Electrical Services Ltd.

Point Heaters

Due to the never ending change in the climate, it is imperative to heat the points during our increasing cold snaps. The point heater elements which are attached to the points, stop them from freezing and allows them to move at ease. These are controlled via a point heater cabinet and our company currently look after, maintain, and test on a quarterly basis at Golders Green and Morden Depots. We recently refurbished the whole of the point heater system at Golders Green Depot and now only install self regulating point heater elements as these are energy efficient to the point of a 70% saving on energy.

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