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About D Massey Electrical Services Ltd

D Massey Electrical is a family run business which has been servicing the transport industry since 1987. We are TFL Approved Contractors and Lucas / Sentinel Card Carriers, able to test, inspect, and maintain track, install all switchgear, and track related assets, inside and outside of London Underground train depots within the boundary boards.

We are currently operating on a 3 month basis, testing and inspecting all DC assets and some AC assets at Golders Green and Morden depots on the Northern line. Once assets are tested, we produce test sheets to this affect and all items are tested to London Underground standards. At this moment we only test the exterior assets on the Northern line, apart from a couple of assets which are situated within the 2 depots ie: 20Kva, 5Kva UPS and depot track earth leakage units. We also, on a quarterly basis, inspect and maintain the interior assets at Stratford Market Depot on the Jubilee line, and again produce test sheets which are approved by London Underground.

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Previous Successes

Understandingly, everybody wants to save energy, and in 2009 we were asked to design an overhead lighting system at Morden depot which reduced the clients energy cost. We came up with a system that works on a light meter ( lux ). When the light meter measures a certain value the overhead lights go off. This has 2 settings, 50% and 100%, in some cases the reverse to come back on again. As this project was so successful, we were asked to design and install a new pit lighting system at Golders Green and Morden Depots, as the current lights were permanently on. We came up with a design that controlled lighting so that the lights only came on when a train was present in that pit, along with an override switch so that lights could be switched on without a train present. This was installed at both Golders Green and Morden depots in 2011, approximately 1200 lights were installed.

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